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TomTom Vehicle Tracker

Always be in contact with your fleet with TomTom vehicle tracking. Get detailed data about time spent driving, idle time, location of your fleet. Adapt to the changing conditions with data. Make your business more efficient with our fleet tracker.

Why do you need vehicle tracking?

Know real-time whereabouts of your vehicle:

Keep track of all the vehicles and help in delivering on time.

Get delivery proof and other valuable insights:

Get delivery proof with WEBFLEET mapped location and working time.

Identify patterns and save money:

Learn about the driving behaviours of your drivers. Use their skills accordingly.

Provide accurate ETA to your customers:

Build trust by providing an accurate estimated arrival time.

Respond to customers quickly:

Send drivers who are closer to the customers fast.

TomTom Vehicle Tracker
TomTom Car Sat Nav

TomTom Car Sat Nav

It is more important than ever to buy a GPS device for safe & worry-free driving. With our dedicated car sat nav you get that experience. We offer the most-wide range of features at every budget-segment.

We have covered all the basics and also offer the latest features like live traffic information, safety camera alerts, voice navigation, lane departure warning and much more.

Keeping up pace with technological advancements and making updates easy we are also providing in-built WiFi with our newer models. You don’t need a computer for updating your GPS device. Connect the device with a secured network connection and it will update automatically.

TomTom Sat Nav For Car

Our every car Sat Nav is feature-rich providing you with smart navigation. We provide state-of-the-art navigation, before stepping in your car to the last step to your destination.

Our latest GPS devices are coming with the ability to connect with smart devices. After syncing it with the device, you will get all the notifications on-screen.

You can use the TomTom MyDrive app to plan your route even before stepping in your car. It can share your location and estimated arrival time with your contacts. It takes the guesswork out of the equation.

TomTom Sat Nav For Car
TomTom Motorcycle Sat Nav

TomTom Motorcycle Sat Nav

Built for the motorbike adventure-lover in you. Go on trips with friends, personalize every detail. It increases your driving abilities by providing you with every little detail. Get information about elevation, sharp-bends, accident-prone zones.

We give you the most amazing routes in partnership with our motorcycling partners. We provide you with features like World Maps, Live Weather & traffic updates for the best driving experience.

With our in-built WiFi, you don’t need a computer for the map and software updates. Connect with a secured network connection and install the updates.

Connect the device with your smartphone and use it handsfree. Use Google Assistant and Siri hands-free.

TomTom Car GPS Satellite Navigation Systems

Get the most intelligent and efficient navigation system with our proprietary software. You will get the safest intuitive driving experience. After pairing the smartphone with your GPS device, you can get all the notifications on the device. We provide direction and street-level detailed maps, with features like live parking information. It helps you find the best parking spot quickly. With the 3D-view you can see the lifelike landscapes making it easy to recognize.

You get a regular map and software updates which help you in always driving with the updated map. Our navigation systems provide real-time weather and traffic updates, helping you prepare in advance.

TomTom Car GPS Satellite Navigation Systems
Motorbike Sat Nav

Motorbike Sat Nav

Choose thousands of motorcycle treks depending upon your experience level. Import routes or create your own and start riding with TomTom motorbike Sat Nav. Get live service alerts for safe riding and never miss on any notifications.

Our award-winning design comes with the latest processor for smoother experience and multi-tasking. It now comes with a universal RAM mount for securely holding the device.

Highly sensitive, glove-friendly touchscreen. Dust, water and fume resistance built for any condition. Group alert and crash detection feature for alerting other riders. With the updates and sharing feature, you can share your tracks with other fellow riders.

TomTom Motorcycle GPS Update

The maps on the motorcycle GPS become old and outdated with time. In the world of motorcycling, driving with an old map is very dangerous. You won’t be able to see the recent changes in tracks and regulations.

We release motorcycle updates four times a year. It is easy to update the maps since most motorcycle GPS devices have a built-in WiFi. You can easily update the device with no computer.


Plug the device in the power supply so it doesn’t run out of juice during the process.

Connect it with a secured network connection.

Enter the network password when prompted.

It will download the updates automatically.

You are now ready to ride with the new maps.

TomTom Motorcycle GPS Update
Best Motorcycle GPS

Best Motorcycle GPS

With our motorcycle GPS, you are getting many years of riding experience. Our devices are rugged, durable, and work in all weather. It works even in snow and rain. We make every device with the highest-quality material.

Our best motorcycles units come with the preloaded treks, you can use it out-of-the-box. With the support for an external SD card, it is easy to download new maps.

Our devices are user friendly, anyone can use it with no learning curve. The voice navigation makes it for a safe riding experience. TomTom GPS devices have a long battery life so you can use it without needing to charge for an extended period.

TomTom Rider 450 Motorcycle GPS

Go on an adventure by picking treks according to your skill level. It has three levels to choose from, i.e., low, medium & high. You can also choose from a range of terrains, from hilly roads to coastal routes. Choose a route and let the device do its magic. It also gives you the option of choosing the same return route or a new one.

Use the device for a long-time with 6-hour battery life. It has a 16 GB internal memory and support for an SD-external card. You can download the new maps on the external card without needing to delete the old maps.

It features a Lifetime world map and traffic updates.

Choose between different challenge levels.

Smart and glove-friendly screen.

Get a lifetime speed camera alert.

Universal mount for securing the device.

TomTom Rider 450 Motorcycle GPS
TomTom Rider 600 Motorcycle GPS
TomTom Rider 600 Motorcycle GPS

Going on a motorcycle trip has never been easy, a choice from a range of challenges. Choose a windy coastal road or a hilly road. You get the world’s best riding routes with this device. Ride, share, discover and personalize routes.

Easily update your rider device with in-built WiFi with no computer. Connect the device with a secure network and it will update automatically.

It features a rechargeable Lithium battery for longer life. You get a 4.3-inch sunlight-readable glove-friendly screen. The external SD-card support makes it easy to download new maps. With IPX7-rating you can use it in any weather condition.

It has a high-definition 4.3-inch screen.

Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.

It supports an external SD card.

The device is compatible with Google Assistant and Siri.

Update the unit easily with the built-in WiFi.

TomTom 400 motorcycle sat nav

It is a device which comes with lifetime European maps and other services. With it, you can choose between different routes depending upon your riding experience level. It features routes from coastal areas to hilly mountains. The built-in WiFi helps in easily updating maps and software with no computer. Connect the GPS unit with a secure network and choose the updates to install.

You can use the device in any weather condition, it has an IPX7 rating. Use the GPS device with no interruption with a long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Use your phone’s smart assistant by connecting with Bluetooth.

You get Lifetime live traffic updates.

Use your phone’s smart assistant.

Use the device in any weather condition.

Get lifetime European maps.

Glove-friendly, smart screen.

TomTom 400 motorcycle sat nav
TomTom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS Navigation Device, 4.3 Inch
TomTom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS Navigation Device, 4.3 Inch

As the name suggests it is a motorcycle GPS with a 4.3-inch screen. It is a rugged GPS device with an ipx7-certified design. It features world maps, traffic and other features like safety camera alerts. Understanding the need of the riders we have built-in WiFi for updating the unit without a computer. Whenever you have a secured network connection, you can update the GPS device.

Multi-task easily with the latest quad-core processor, never miss on any notification. You get a glove-friendly sunlight-readable screen. It works in both the landscape & portrait mode. It comes with a simple to use universal mount guard which helps in securing the device.

Latest quad-core processor for faster processing.

It features lifetime speed camera updates.

You also get a lifetime TomTom traffic.

It has a rugged-build and smart screen.