TomTom Truck GPS

TomTom Truck GPS

We make the best truck GPS for large commercial vehicles. It gives you the best truck-specific routes, which help in planning & delivering efficiently. Our truck GPS helps in planning, driving & delivering goods efficiently. Different devices are available for every type of vehicle and business. The in-built routes are tailored for professional drivers for avoiding expensive tickets for going on restricted routes.

We include other information critical for truck drivers, like road height, bridge height, commercial carrying restrictions. With our intelligent proprietary software, enter the weight and size of the vehicle and the device will show you the most efficient route.

TomTom Truck GPS
TomTom truck GPS Update

TomTom truck GPS Update

For making life a bit easier for our commercial drivers, we release regular map updates. With the updates, you get the latest changes in the roads, highways, bridges, local regulations. We understand that our truckers are mostly on the move. It is difficult to find a computer for updating the GPS device. Our latest Truck GPS models come with in-built WiFi. Whenever you find a secured network connection, you can update the device without needing a computer.

Commercial truck drivers need to update their GPS devices because regulations change often. Break one regulation and you will get an expensive ticket. The updates also help in making deliveries faster and safer.

Truck Sat Nav

Our Sat Nav is a dedicated GPS device which comes with the truck dedicated routes. A truck sat nav also differs from a normal device as it does a lot more data crunching than a car GPS.

The truck Sat Nav comes with the points of interests which are professional truck driver-friendly. So, you don’t have to worry about motel parking.

It helps in driving with ease by giving you accurate live information. It also helps in coordinating your status with managers. To make their lives easier, we give map updates.

Truck Sat Nav
TomTom Trucker

TomTom Trucker

We make a wide range of truck GPS devices, you can choose according to your need. Our devices are accurate and always give you the most efficient routes. You can choose between the fastest route or the best route. All our truck device series has over 50,000 points of interests which are truck-friendly with amenities. This massive list makes it easy to find fuel-stations, parking spots, eateries, service centres, etc.

We have made this list in partnership with other companies such as ParkYourBus, Les Routiers, DKV for fulfilling professional drivers' needs. Wherever you go, we are with you. The data is verified thoroughly before inputting in the device.

Truck/ HGV navigation software

We build our HGV navigation software for large commercial vehicles. It makes long-driving easier with intelligent software and intuitive interface. After a long driving day, we understand that it is difficult to maintain focus; we build our software for easing a bit of load. We help in removing some inconveniences, like focusing on the road and screen at the same time with the help of detailed voice guidance.

When you are moving from city to city, it is difficult to find a suitable parking spot. It is time-consuming and problematic. With our truck parking feature, you don’t have to search for parking spots. Enter the destination and it will show you all the parking spots available along with the fare. We keep updating the database regularly with feedback from other truckers.

You can choose from a wide range of truck GPS devices

Truck/ HGV navigation software
TomTom 6000

TomTom 6000

It provides you with customized truck routing and a lifetime truck map free update. The lifetime free updates help in always keeping your GPS device running with the latest map. This sophisticated unit comes with an in-built SIM card slot. It helps in providing the latest information.

It features advanced lane guidance, which helps in always driving in the correct lane. You can see the junctions & highway exits. Use the voice commands for entering instructions. With this device, you get community points of interest. You can also upload your points of interests for helping other professional drivers.

  • It has an in-built SIM card slot.
  • It features a lifetime truck map update
  • It has intelligent truck routing
  • Advanced Lane guidance
  • Community POIs
  • Share your POIs with other drivers

TomTom GO Professional 6200

TomTom Go professional is designed for large commercial vehicles. It shows you Live traffic via the built-in SIM. With this unit, you get traffic updates and speed cameras information free for 1 year.

The screen is 6-inches with high-resolution. It is suitable for trucks, buses, vans and other large vehicles. The in-built WiFi support helps in updating maps & software without a computer.

It gives you a lot of customization features depending upon the vehicle’s dimensions, weight, cargo load type, maximum speed. It gives you an efficient, safer journey. The accurate estimation of time takes the guesswork out of driving.

You also get over 50,000 truck fuel stations, parking spots, service centres and restaurants.

It has a large 6-inch screen

It comes with dedicated POIs for large vehicles

It comes with in-built WiFi for an easy update

Lifetime free map updates

TomTom GO Professional 6200
TomTom Trucker 620

TomTom Trucker 620

The TomTom Go 620 is a navigation GPS with top functionality and an intuitive user interface. It is full of the latest features, like traffic alerts and weather updates. It keeps you ahead of traffic and keeps you prepared for any condition.

It comes preloaded with a map of North America. It has millions of points of interests like gas stations, restaurants, shopping malls, food joints, etc.

It provides you with the voice-guided navigation address commands into the device. The 6-inch bright screen gives you a pleasurable viewing experience.

  • One-touch navigation to all the points-of-interests
  • Voice navigation for safe driving
  • In-built SIM for Live updates
TomTom Trucker 600 GPS

The Trucker 600 GPS comes with customized routes according to your vehicle size, weight, cargo type and speed limit. Our intelligent software provides you with the most accurate arrival time. It comes with a lifetime truck map update which helps in driving with the latest map.

You also get a lifetime traffic update and our traffic predictor. You can choose the faster route or the most efficient route. It helps in always arriving on time.

Plan your routes sitting in the comfort of your home or office before stepping in the vehicle. Sync the route to the device and you are ready to go.

Intelligent routing and accurate arrival time

Plan your routes in advance

Multi-stop routing

Lifetime truck maps

Lifetime traffic update

TomTom Trucker 600 GPS
TomTom Go Professional 6250
TomTom Go Professional 6250

The Go Professional 6250 has a built-in SIM slot, it gives you an update about traffic and speed cameras. It comes with dedicated Points Of Interests for large vehicles like trucks, vans and buses.

With the in-built WiFi, you don’t need a computer for updating the device. Connect it with a secured network for map and software update.

You get updates when there is a sudden change in traffic. It will also provide black spots, accident-prone areas. With the smartphone messages, you get all your messages on your device.

It is compatible with voice assistants like Siri and Google Now. Use your smartphone by connecting with the device safely.

  • It comes with dedicated POIs for large vehicles
  • In-built WiFi for update with a computer
  • Get traffic change alerts
  • Lifetime speed cameras
  • Compatible with voice assistants
TomTom Trucker 520

It is one of the smartest Truck GPS devices which you can get. It comes with Lifetime TomTom services, helping you always drive with the updated map. This GPS device comes with a Lifetime map of the USA and Canada. It helps you always drive with the latest map. It also shows you traffic alerts like a sudden change or stops. It also provides you with a warning about accident-prone areas.

We know that it is very difficult for our truck drivers to find a computer for updating the device. It comes with a built-in WiFi. The hands-free calling makes it safer to use. You can keep your eyes on the road and use voice commands for navigating.

You get traffic change alerts

It has a built-in WiFi for an easy update

Hand-free calling for safe driving

Plan your journeys in advance

Compatible with smartphone voice assistant

TomTom Trucker 520