TomTom Map Upgrade

TomTom Map Upgrade

You can add any new service to your GPS device whenever you want, according to your need. Services like live traffic, weather updates, traffic camera alerts etc. can be added to your subscription pack for improving the driving. Live traffic will help you to always keep you ahead of the traffic. With Weather updates, you can always be prepared.

The new services can be purchased by paying a small subscription fee. You can also buy new maps with the TomTom map upgrade feature. Our “Latest Map Guarantee” feature helps in updating the services with the latest features.

You can add these services from our Website. If you are having any trouble with the latest services, contact our technical support executives for help.

TomTom Map Upgrade
TomTom Map Update

TomTom Map Update

Sat nav devices from TomTom get regular map updates, we release updates every quarter. We like to take care of our every customer by keeping them updated for every change, i.e., about routes and addresses.

TomTom map updates can be done with two different software depending upon your device model. We have TomTom Home and MyDrive Connect for updating. This software is available for free download for Windows and Mac computers. Most of the updates are free while others are paid.

You can contact our GPS support team when you are having any difficulty with device updates.

TomTom Maps Download

You can download the latest TomTom maps from our site. It helps you in driving safely without worrying about traffic jams, weather, speed cameras, slow-zones. We provide regular updates for all our users. You can check for updates by connecting it with a computer. Our alternative models have built-in WiFi, which helps in updating with no computer. Connect it to a secured network connection for updating it.

When you purchase a new device, you get time for downloading the updates. The period depends upon the model of the device. For some models, the time is 30 days from the time of purchase, for other models, the time is 90 days.

TomTom Maps Download
TomTom Map Upgrades and Update

TomTom Map Upgrades and Update

We manufacture the best GPS device with intuitive features for safe and efficient driving. We make digital maps, sports-related accessories, and software. We offer assistance in navigation, traffic information, easily understanding routes with the latest maps. We provide the best maps with the latest information and software with every device. However, these default maps become outdated in about 6-8 months.

To tackle such situations and keep our customers updated with the latest changes going around, we publish map updates four times a year. This guarantees you are always having the latest maps.

TomTom Rider

We make GPS devices, especially for motorcycles. The routes, trails and other points of interests are according to motorcycles. With our Rider series of devices, you can go on thrilling adventures without compromising your safety. The Rider series of devices are rugged, ipx7-certified waterproof. The capacitive bright screen is gloves friendly.

It features World maps, traffic and other services for staying safe and up-to-date. The motorcycle treks are curated with the help of motorcycling partners. Choose from a wide range of landscapes, from mountains to coastal areas. You can share your journey easily with other riders using a Bluetooth connection.

TomTom Rider
GPS maps for TomTom

GPS maps for TomTom

Going on a family vacation, business trip or daily commute is made easy with TomTom maps. Wherever you are going, we help in reaching safely. With every release, we are committed to providing modern navigation. We provide the latest digital services to every user. We urge all our device users to get the latest maps for the best navigational experience.

With our latest maps, you get:

  • Better navigation
  • Latest routes and address updates
  • A smooth & fast performance
  • Latest traffic information
  • New Points of Interests like restaurants, hotels etc.
  • Updates about junctions, road signs, speed changes

How to update old TomTom

With the lifetime free map updates, you can easily update your GPS device with the latest maps. Connect the device to the computer and check for updates. You will require TomTom software installed on your computer for updating the device. The older devices have maps which are not suitable for this modern age. It also gives you a lot of errors.

You can update the device by two methods. One is free and the other one is paid.

  • Paid: After connecting the GPS device to the computer, you will get a list of updates. Click on updates, which you want to add.
  • Free: You can download some updates for old devices by connecting with the software MapShare.

If you cannot update the maps, contact our GPS experts for help.

How to update old TomTom

TomTom North America Map

For our North American users, we publish maps of different types. You can get them according to your requirements. The default maps come with the region in which you bought the device.

If you want to buy a map of a new region, you can get it by paying some subscription fee. Different maps are available at different prices.

Types of North America Maps:

Map of the USA

It provides the most detailed map with 99% road coverage. The map includes millions of hotels, restaurants and other POIs (Points Of Interests). You get local speed limits which help in avoiding speed tickets.

Map of the US, Canada & Mexico

It features a detailed map of three countries with 99% road coverage. You get millions of restaurants, hotels & Points of Interests.

Map of the US and Canada

Map of these countries is available with the latest changes in roads, addresses and other POIs.

TomTom USA Maps

TomTom USA Maps

Drive with the latest USA map now available in unique plans.

Map update service for three months:

You can purchase this plan if you require service for 3-months. It is great for people who are visiting the USA.

Map Update Service for 1 year:

With this subscription plan, you get the map for 1 year and four updates. The updates will provide you with the latest changes in road coverage, addresses and other points of interests.

Map Update service for 1.5 years:

You get the latest map of the US and six updates with this plan. Long-term plans help you keep worry-free while driving.

TomTom Map Zones USA

With time we are adding new updates to all our maps, like improved roads and addresses. Additional details make the maps accurate and useful than before.

Sometimes when you try to add a new map to the device or update your old map, it cannot fit in the storage space. To solve this issue, we provide you with smaller sections of maps. A large map is made available in smaller sections, known as Map Zones. It gives you the same details and functionality as the large complete map.

If you do not have sufficient space available on your device, you can download the map zones of the USA.

TomTom USA Maps Free Download
TomTom USA Maps Free Download:

You get a free USA map download when you buy a new GPS device. The free map updates are available for a fixed number of times on some devices. A free Lifetime map update is also available for other models.

You can download fixed updates depending upon your plan, we publish updates four times a year. With every update, the navigational experience becomes better.

Connect your unit to the computer for updating the device. You can update the WiFi model by connecting with a secured network. If you have any issue with the device update, please contact our GPS experts.

TomTom Hawaii Map

Hawaii map is available with the map of the USA and the map of the USA & Canada. When you are planning to visit the island of Hawaii, you can use the map of the USA.

With the map of Hawaii, you get a detailed street-level map. The map covers about 99% of roads. You also get the largest database of Points Of Interests. It covers hotels, restaurants, ATMs and much more.

If you don’t have a map of Hawaii on your device, you can purchase it here. Update your device with the latest maps for a safe trip. If you cannot get new maps, contact our GPS experts.