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We are the world leader in GPS service to deliver the best navigational experience to all our users. After buying our GPS device, you are getting the best-sat nav. We also provide you with the best service. With TomTom com/get started you can update map & software on the device easily.

We make every TomTom device with the best commercial grade material. It gets the satellite signal even in high rise areas like tall-buildings, mountains, hills and forests. Driving with our GPS is intuitive, efficient and safe.

TomTom com get started
TomTomcom getstarted and download

TomTomcom getstarted and download

With TomTomcom getstarted and downloaded you can download the latest maps and software. We release updates to keep all our customers updated with the latest changes.

Whether you are looking to update maps on the device or want to purchase new maps and services, you can do it here. You need to download MyDrive connect for your computer.

You can easily update the map by following the process. When you purchase a new GPS device, don’t forget to register it with the server. Until you register your device, it won’t work.

Register the device by entering an email address and password. You will require it for future updates and services as well.

TomTom Com Update Download

With TomTom Com, you can easily update your device with the latest maps and software. To see if there is an update available for your device, connect your device to your computer. Click on “Update my device”.

If you haven’t installed TomTom Home, first you need to install the software on your computer. Two versions are available according to the operating system, i.e., one for Windows and the other one for Mac computers. Download according to your operating system.

Run the software after installing it and connect the device. You will get the list for updates. Click on the updates which you want to install. When you are having any issues with the map updates, contact our experts for help.

TomTom Com Update Download

You get all the devices, maps, services from this site. It is your one-stop solution for everything related to TomTom. Are you trying to update the device and finding it difficult or you want to buy a new service? You will find all the help related here. We have GPS experts available 24*7 for our customers.

It is quite a simple process to update the device with new maps and services. However, due to some outdated drivers on the computer or the device sometimes, the maps cannot update. For those times, you need support from experts.

TomTom Start 25 Drivers Download

Every GPS device needs drivers for its proper working. TomTom start also needs it for connecting with the computer. This 5-inch GPS device has lifetime map updates. With lifetime map updates, you don’t have to think about map updates ever. Connect it with the computer for checking the updates. It features IQ routing, which helps in reaching your destination faster and safer.

We release drivers updates for improving the communication between the device and the computer. New updates help in preventing crashes and improving system performance. You can download the drivers’ utility for updating if you are inexperienced with updates. This powerful tool will help you update the unit automatically.

TomTom Start 25 Drivers Download
TomTom Gps Issues

TomTom Gps Issues

Our GPS devices are reliable, helping you reach your destination efficiently and safely. However, like any other GPS device, it relies on the satellite signal for showing you route and traffic. Sometimes the signal gets lost because of the outdated software.

When this happens regularly, it is time to update the device with the latest software. Connect the device with the computer/ WiFi network for updating the device.

Updating the device solves most of its issues, however, if you are having any trouble with your GPS unit, contact us for help.

TomTom com support

TomTom com support is available for all the device users 24*7. Issues for which you can contact us:

Signal Blockage

All our GPS devices have a highly sensitive antenna for detecting signals, even in remote places. But some hardware/software issues can interfere with the signal. Update the GPS and restart it. If you are still having an issue, you need to contact us for help.

Map not updating

We release map updates four times a year, connect the device with the computer for updating it. If your GPS supports WiFi, connect with a WiFi network for updating.

Factory Reset

If no other solution is working, do a factory reset. The device can take up to 45 minutes after the factory reset to get the satellite signal.

TomTom com getstarted 7150

TomTom 7150 is a GPS device for our professional drivers. We build it for saving time and money with intelligent navigation. It is intuitive to use, helps in performing your best driving and stays safe. If you are an owner of this series of GPS devices, you can update the device with the help of TomTom com/get started. It features the latest navigation innovation for helping you to take your business forward.

We understand that our professional drivers can need the support of the day, so we provide 24*7 support. If you need any kind of help with your truck device, contact our technical support executives for help. We are happy to help you.

TomTom com getstarted 7150