Teletrac Sat Nav

Teletrac Sat Nav

Teletrac Sat Nav helps in safeguarding your fleet with the smart GPS tracking cloud software. We help companies in implementing a strong tracking system which helps in both monitoring and removing inefficiencies. We also provide an anti-theft solution with our cloud-based software. With our preventive features, we help businesses to decrease their premiums and increase safety.

We are the first fleet makers in the United Kingdom to integrate satellite navigation. We are a model case study for implementing and showing the effectiveness of Smartnav. We help companies go-green with the most fuel-efficient fleet management in the country. We not only help in saving fuel costs but also save work hours with our smart solutions.

Teletrac Sat Nav
Teletrac Navman setup

Teletrac Navman setup

Our GPS tracker is very easy to install and use. Read the following for an easy Teletrac Navman setup.

  • The device hardware is not waterproof and must be installed inside the vehicle.
  • It should be installed in a concealed location.
  • You should avoid the location near excessive heat.
  • You should choose a location which will not interfere with the normal functioning of the vehicle.
  • Don’t install the device on locations which are accessed during normal vehicle maintenance.
  • Install the GPS device with a wire ties
  • You should neatly bundle antenna cable and power harness

When you are having any trouble with your GPS tracker, contact our customer helpline.

Teletrac Navman not working

All our devices are manufactured using the highest-grade components. It can be used for a long-time without any issues. However, do remember it is an electronic device made up of many different components. Any parts not working properly can interfere with the proper functioning of the GPS device. We have collected here a few of Teletrac Navman, not working problems:

  • Device showing guidance not active
  • Getting beeps during connection with Smartnav Control Centre
  • Not getting requested route
  • Unregistering the device with your name on it
  • Screen showing “Connection error”
  • Not able to add your favourite destinations

These are some of the most common issues which can be easily solved by contacting our GPS experts via the helpline number, by LiveChat and or by Email.

Teletrac Navman not working

Teletrac Navman service work request

With the Teletrac Navman Service Work request, you can get in touch with our customer service from anywhere with the touch of a button. We provide all the resources which help in getting the most out of your business with our powerful fleet management system.

You can access technical support, easily manage your fleet and we also offer a wide range of navigational options. Our job is to make your work easier and increase your productivity. We offer lots of customer benefits. We provide large amounts of data over networks which help in optimising business functions. We help to stay on schedule, reducing cost and putting your vehicles and team to work every day.

With our asset utilisation data, you can get to be in charge, you can get more work done out of your trucks and vehicles. We offer an at-a-glance identity of underutilised resources, like your vehicle. You get a maintenance schedule which is based on actual vehicle usage and not on some preset intervals.

You know customers get grumpy when their goods don’t arrive on time. With our data, you will gain a clear understanding of your vehicle usage. We help your fleet in removing inefficiencies like routing & driver hours which finally increases customer satisfaction level. If you’re having some trouble then contact our customer experts who are available all the time for your help.

Navman Car GPS

Having a dedicated car GPS installed in your car is like having a trusted friend beside you while driving. A friend who knows all the routes. With a Navman GPS device, you will arrive at your destination on-time safely.

With our top-of-the-industry hardware & software, you will get the best navigational experience. Our user interface is simple, you can use it right out of the box.

All our GPS devices provide you with the best value for money. Choose from a wide range of devices for different types of vehicles. We manufacture devices for cars, SUVs, motorcycles, heavy commercial vehicles.

We help you in your daily commute, road trips, adventures with your family & friends.

Navman Car GPS
Navman Vehicle GPS systems

Navman Vehicle GPS systems

Navman vehicle GPS systems are manufactured after years of research and development. It is made to provide you with not only the most efficient but also the safest route options.

All our GPS systems are rugged and provide you with the best navigational experience. It is made in such a way that it provides signals in areas where all the other devices fail to get a signal. So, not only our GPS devices are great for the city commute but also road trips and going on adventures.

Our devices help in finding and reaching the nearest restaurants, hotels, cafes, shopping malls, rest areas and off-road locations easily. It gives information and alternate route options in advance, so you are well-prepared.

Vehicle tracking software free

We also provide vehicle tracking software free of cost for a trial period of 30 days. Our software is designed in house which not only manages personal vehicles but also helps businesses to monitor their trucks, cars and other vehicles.

We also help in tracking kids, old people, marketing professionals by installing a person tracker. With our GPS tracking software, you can get distance reports, ignition reports, Live Tracking, detail tracking and other important reports.

We provide other important information like SMS alerts, Fuel Tracking, Emails and much more. We also provide custom software according to your needs. With our dedicated fast servers, you can get all reports within hours.

Vehicle tracking software free
Navman car GPS devices mapping
Navman car GPS devices mapping

We provide the best device mapping technology in the industry. Navman car GPS devices mapping includes three grades of GPS devices.

  • Navigational/Recreational Grade:- With our Navigational Grade devices you will get a range accuracy of 5 to 15 meters.
  • Mapping Grade:- With our mapping grade devices you get a positional accuracy of 3 meters. You can also improve the accuracy by enabling WAAS( Wide Area Augmentation System).
  • Survey Grade:- We also manufacture survey-grade GPS devices with an accuracy of under 1-meter. It is made to receive 8-satellite signals simultaneously.

When you buy our device be sure that you are getting the best device and software.

Navman Move 75 update

Navman Move 75 update provides you with the latest changes in the landscape. The driving experience also becomes simple and intuitive with every update. Follow the steps for updating your GPS device:

Connect your GPS to the computer

Before starting the update process, you will need to connect your GPS device to a computer. Remove the device from your car and connect using a USB cable.

Access available updates

Next, the device will show you the list of all the available updates. You just have to click on the available updates. If you are not sure which of the updates to install then you can call our customer service helpline.

Install the updates

Keep the device connected throughout the update process. Once done, you will have all the available updates. You can call us with the lifetime purchase of the maps.

Disconnect the GPS device

After the download is finished installing in the device, eject the device carefully and unplug the USB cord. If you are having any technical or non-technical issues with your GPS device then, give us a call.

Whenever you are facing any issue with your Navman GPS device, contact our customer support.