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Sat Nav Map updates

We manufacture the industry’s best GPS devices which provide you with intuitive and safe driving experience. Our sat nav gives you all the features for a blissful experience. We also provide all our customer long-term updates for keeping them ahead of traffic and weather conditions.

We publish map updates every three months, check for updates by connecting it to the computer or with a secured WiFi connection. New software updates give you new features like landmark navigation, live traffic and much more. The live traffic map updates give you the best routes depending upon the outside traffic conditions.

Sat Nav Map updates
TomTom Sat Nav Map Updates

TomTom Sat Nav Map Updates

We believe in customer satisfaction, so we publish regular map updates for keeping you ahead of the traffic. We release map updates every quarter and software updates regularly. With map updates, you get the latest changes in the addresses, roads, streets, highways.

You need map updates because routes and addresses change with times. The efficiency of GPS decreases with time. It might even take you to a dead-end road in the middle of the night.

We recommend our customers to regularly update your device. If you are finding it difficult to update the device you can contact our GPS support executive for help.

Sat Nav Free Map updates

We provide free sat nav map updates for every device. When you purchase a TomTom GPS device rest assured about the high-quality services. We know the importance of customer satisfaction. We provide all our customers with free map updates for a long time.

Free map updates are of different types depending upon the device you are purchasing. You get four of these updates in a year. You are required to update the device at least once every two years. Failing to do it will result in map expiration.

We also provide a free Lifetime map update for many devices. Install MyDrive Connect or Home on your computer for updating it. You can contact our GPS experts for device update help.

Sat Nav Free Map updates

TomTom Sat Nav map updates problems

Our GPS devices are rugged and software intelligent. Sometimes issues happen during the update process because of the outdated software on the computer or device.

  • No maps detected

    It happens because the device is not able to read the maps. Try to reinstall the maps on the GPS unit.

  • Update Failed

    It happens because of the insufficient memory on the device/ SD card. Delete some old data and try updating.

  • Unable to connect with the server

    Your computer antivirus or firewall may be blocking the connection between server and device. Close the software and try again.

Update Your Sat Nav

Update your Sat Nav regularly for the best navigational experience. When you are a regular user of a TomTom GPS device, you must have found out that in the beginning, it was taking you to your destination via the most efficient route. With time its efficiency is decreasing and now it is not showing the most efficient route. When it is happening regularly, it is time to update your device.

We provide updates regularly for all our customers, these updates are of three types

  • Free: Every TomTom device features some updates which are free for everyone. You get four free updates in a year. Connect your GPS device to the computer/ WiFi for updating the device.
  • LifeTime: We provide a LifeTime map & software update for many different models. With LifeTime updates, you are always driving with an updated map.
  • Premium: When you want to add some new services, you can opt for these services according to your need.

Update MySat Nav

Are you searching for the sat nav update process? You have come to the right place. Check the model number of the device and search accordingly. If you are not sure about the model number or which updates to install, you can contact our GPS support experts for help. Our experts help in solving every issue with the device.

For updating the maps you need MyDrive Connect installed in your computer. Some devices require Home for the update. Check to see if your computer has the software. Install the software, you can check out the installation process on our site.

We have kept pace with the technology, our newer models now have in-built WiFi for easy update. You don’t need a computer for the process, connect with a secured WiFi connection and leave the rest.

Update MySat Nav
TomTom One XL update

TomTom One XL update

We have made Lifetime Map & Traffic updates in North America for all the users of TomTom XL. With Lifetime map updates you are getting the latest maps, it helps you drive with the most efficient route. It will also help you to keep clear of the traffic for the rest of the device life.

We have also added new features for our users like Live traffic information free of cost. In conjunction with other features will give you the most accurate location and hassle-free navigation. All XL devices get our proprietary IQ routes technology & map sharing feature. You get the best route according to the traffic conditions. Map sharing will help you to share your findings with other members of the community.

How to update sat nav maps for free?

For updating the Sat Nav you can use MyDrive Connect from your Windows or Apple computer. This software is available for free download. Install the software according to your device model. Ensure that you have installed the latest version of the software on your computer.

Connect the GPS device to the computer using the USB cable provided with the box. The app will automatically start.

A new screen will open on your computer. Login to your account with the email address and the password.

Click on the update which you want to install.

Transfer the updates to your GPS device after the download.

How to update sat nav maps for free?