Navman Sat Nav

Navman Sat Nav Update

Navman manufacturers various types of GPS devices. It makes devices for cars, motorcycles, RVs and heavy commercial vehicles. In combination with the dash-camera with the smart software, it provides you with the most-efficient and safe driving experience. Every unit comes with the latest detailed street-view map. It takes you to the destination via the most-efficient route. However, with time the efficiency of the device decreases because of the non-stop construction going on all around us.

To address this issue the company releases map updates regularly. We release two types of map updates: monthly and quarterly. To check for your eligibility of monthly map updates, connect the unit to the computer. With WiFi models connect it to a secure network.

Navman Sat Nav Update
Navman Sat Nav Updates Free

Navman Sat Nav Updates Free

Navman Sat Nav updates are released for all the devices four times in a year. These updates contain the latest changes in the roads, streets, highways, addresses and much more.

The free updates come with the device, some devices have Lifetime free updates while others have updates for a fixed time. With the Lifetime free update, you never have to worry about driving with the outdated map. You can always subscribe to a new plan if you want to buy new maps and services by paying a small fee.

You can do this by visiting our website and downloading the map from there. You can also call our helpline number and contact our map experts if you’re unable to download the map or experiencing some problems while purchasing new services anytime.

Navman F20 Sat Nav

Navman F20 Sat Nav comes pre-installed with the map of UK and Ireland, i.e., it contains detailed maps of England, Wales, Scotland, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It is a 3.5-inch screen device with brilliant colours and the ability for 3D and 2D maps display. It also provides you with a full 8-digit postcode search.

The navigational experience is great and with the Back-on-Track feature, you’re never lost. The Navman F20 comes pre-installed with a speed camera database which is coloured coded (for easy recognizing the type of camera installed), dedicated buttons for finding the nearest petrol stations and car park. This feature comes in quite handy when moving to some unfamiliar place.

  • 3.5-inch coloured touchscreen with the preinstalled map of the UK and Ireland
  • Dedicated buttons for finding the nearest petrol stations and car park
  • Rerouting with automatic Back-on-Track
  • Pause journey functions and route summary view
  • Advanced Motorway navigation
Navman F20 Sat Nav
Navman F20 Update

Navman F20 Update

Like any other GPS device, this sat nav needs an update for its efficient working. Navman f20 update provides the latest changes in the roads, highways, POIs (Points Of Interests) like hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and much more. Some Software updates are also released occasionally to add new features or fix errors.

If you have an F20 unit, you can check the update-eligibility by connecting with an internet-connected computer. We provide 24*7 customer support for all our users. If you have any issue regarding the device contact us on the helpline number, via email or customer chat.

How to update a Navman F20?

If you are looking for how to update a Navman F20, then follow the instructions below.

Step 1:

Search for the term “how to update a Navman F20” and visit our website. You can also directly type in the address of our site and search for it.

Step 2:

Search for the country map you want to update or download. Click the file you want to download.

Step 3:

Save the file and transfer that file to the GPS device with the USB cable.

Step 4:

The transferred file will be installed automatically. Now, you’re ready for driving with the updated device.

Navman s90i updates

Navman s90i updates

Navman S90i updates with the latest update cover the important speed camera updates. Follow the instructions for updating the device.

The first step is to ensure that you have downloaded and installed a file in your Navman S90i device. If you have not already downloaded it, then download from our website. If you’re finding it difficult then contact our GPS experts.

  • Download the file on your computer and then decompress that file.
  • Power on the GPS device and connect it to the computer with the USB cable.
  • Start the Navdesk software on your computer.
  • Browse the menu and find the downloaded file.
  • Transfer the unzipped file to your GPS device.
  • Enable Visual alert and adjust the distance at which you want the warning to receive.
  • Select an icon for this category on your device.
  • Repeat the same procedure with each downloaded update.

Navman S80 EUROPE Sat Nav

Navman S80 Europe Sat Nav as the name suggests comes with a pre-installed map of Europe. It covers the detailed street-level maps for all the major countries of Europe, i.e., Andorra, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain etc. It also comes with Traffic warnings and route suggestions which makes driving a great experience.

The device hardware is great and has an excellent battery life, so it is very useful when you don’t have a charger around.

The device screen is 4.3 inch with vibrant colours which makes it a pleasure to watch. The Live-Traffic information is fast and accurate with data sourced from TMC.

With the speed camera data, you don’t have to worry about getting very expensive tickets for speeding. You also get the incident warnings and alternate routes in advance.

  • 4.3-inch screen with vibrant colours
  • Street-level coverage of the major European countries
  • Live Traffic and weather updates for keeping you ahead
  • Incident warnings and alternate route options
  • Excellent hardware for getting signal in tall buildings areas
Navman S80 EUROPE Sat Nav
Navman F Series Updates Free

Navman F Series Updates Free

If you’re searching for Navman F series updates free then you have come to the right place. For updating Navman F series GPS devices you will need SmartST desktop software. It is our in-house software which helps in updating maps, software, upgrading services.

For installing the software search by typing SmartST_Desktop.exe for Windows computer. The most popular version of the product is 3.0.

When you get the search results, click on the program for downloading.

Click on all the positive options which you get on-screen.

End User License Agreement by accepting it.

Connect the GPS device with the computer.

Run the SmartST_Desktop software.

You will get a list of available updates.

Click on the map which you want to download.

Transfer the file to the device.

Navman n60i Update Free

Follow these instructions for updating your Navman N60i with the latest maps.

First, check that you have the latest files on your computer.

If not, download by searching the file from our website.

  • Extract the zip file on your computer. If you have the file and it is not in .zip format, it means it is already decompressed.
  • Power on the device, connect it to the computer and run SmartST software.
  • Go to Map >> POIs. Open >> File. Set a name, create visual alerts, audio alerts and distance. Press OK.
Navman n60i Update Free
Navman n40i Map Updates Free
Navman n40i Map Updates Free

With the latest updates, n40i brings you improved functionality with a speed camera. The efficiency of the GPS device has increased making the device more cost-effective. With the latest updates, you get:

  • NavPix compatibility, use NavPx to navigate.
  • Support for the integrated camera improved.
  • Better navigation to nearest fuel stations and parking lots.
  • Improved compatibility with T1 traffic pack.
  • Better battery life with improved software.
  • More detailed journey view.
  • Improved finger-friendly interface.

We recommend all users to update their device regularly. Driving with the outdated device may risk your safety.

If you are having trouble with the device, contact our GPS experts now on the helpline number.