Navman Map Updates

Navman map updates help in driving confidently without worrying about going on wrong addresses. When you purchase our GPS unit, it comes with the recent maps and software. It takes you to your destination via the most efficient route. With the smart routing system, you save money and time.

With time, however, you will see that the device efficiency is decreasing. In about 1 year, efficiency reduces by about 50%. This happens because of the construction work taking place all around us. Roads, streets, highways, bridges change with time.

To keep our users updated with changes we publish map updates four times in a year. Regularly update your device for the best experience.

Navman Map Updates
Navman GPS Map Updates

Navman GPS Map Updates

We release free monthly map updates for various device models. Our different range of devices is eligible for Navman GPS map updates. You can check the eligibility of your device by connecting it to an internet-connected computer. If your device has a built-in WiFi, connect it to a secured network for updates.

We like to keep the customer first, a free monthly map update is the first of its kind in the industry. With it, you also get timely safety alerts. It ensures that you always have the latest information available to you.

You will get 12 updates in a year with monthly map updates. If you are not sure about the eligibility of your device, contact our customer support helpline.

Navman Support

Navman customer support is available 24*7 for all the device-related issues.

For Car GPS: Install the Navdesk software on your computer for installing the latest maps.

For Dashcam:

Follow the steps for getting support for dashcam

Step 1:

Check for the firmware version on your computer by going in “Download and FAQ”. Select your device and type “Firmware” for finding further instructions.


Test your GPS device to see if the problem is resolved.

Step 3:

Contact us on the helpline number, by LiveChat or dropping an email.

Keep your device updated for getting the best navigational experience.

Navman Navigator

Navman Navigator

We are the industry’s top GPS technology organization offering you a wide range of navigational devices. We are the largest GPS device and dash-cam providers in Australia. We help you drive safely in every condition. You can choose from a range of Navman navigators for your cars, RV, motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

Our range of GPS devices provides you with efficient navigation with timely alerts for safety cameras, schools and accident-prone zones. Landmark guidance shows you a life-like view with bright colours and building names. You get a detailed street-level view of Australia & New Zealand.

We ensure you always reach the destination safely with our navigators.

How to Update Maps Using Navman GPS

Keeping the map updated helps efficient & safe driving. Before starting the update check for the available space on the device. Connect the device with the computer using the USB cable provided.

  • Power on the device after connection.
  • Start the software.
  • It will check for updates.
  • If you don’t have the necessary software it will prompt you to download it.
  • Follow the prompts for installing it.
  • It will show you the list of updates.
  • Click the updates you want to install.
  • The download process will take a few minutes depending upon the internet speed.
  • Once the download is complete, it will automatically load the new maps on your device.
  • Remove the device from the computer and restart the device.
How to Update Maps Using Navman GPS
Navman Navigator Issues

Navman Navigator Issues

Some of the common issues which can happen with your Navman device:

Device restarting issue

It happens because of the flat battery. Turn off the device by pressing the power button for a short time. It will go in suspended mode. Press the power button again for starting the device.

Not getting GPS signal

Follow the instructions for taking care of this issue.

Check the model number of the device on the back/bottom of your device.

Download the patch by searching here. If you are not able to find it, contact us for help.

After installing the patch, reset the device. Please allow the device 5 minutes for the signal.

Navdesk v5

Navman NavDesk v5 is our in-house software for Windows OS. It

helps in updating the GPS device with the latest maps & software. You can download the software from our site. We also provide you with the software in the form of DVDs.

Follow the process for installing it on your computer

  • Connect the GPS device to your computer and power on.
  • You will get a pop-up offering MioMore software.
  • Select the language for your installation.
  • Download the map you want to install on your device.
  • Old maps will be deleted once the new maps are installed on the device.
  • Now go to my subscriptions > recover subscriptions > yes.
  • Click on the finish after the process.
  • Disconnect the GPS device from the computer.
Navdesk v5
Nav desk 2.0 download
Nav desk 2.0 download

Navdesk desk 2.0 is a tool which helps in updating your software and maps on your GPS device. You can use the software for loading your custom POIs, travel guides or installing subscriptions. It also helps in recovering software keys, voice & language.

You need to update software for installing the computer. NavDesk helps in

  • Download map and software updates
  • Easily managing your maps
  • Customized POIs managing
  • Installing safety camera subscriptions
  • Browsing website for special offers
New features for NavDesk

My maps: This tab you show you the status of your maps installed on the device. You can easily add/remove the maps with a single touch.

Unlock features: It allows entering the activation key for your services. You will need to use this tab for the map updates and safety cameras update.

Redeem: Enter your product key for claiming your lifetime map updates.

If you’re having trouble regarding the device update, contact our customer service.

Navdesk map update

For updating maps on your device you will need Navdesk software on your computer. It also helps in claiming your monthly map updates. We recommend our users to install the Navdesk software for installing the map updates. Contact our customer service for more information about the free maps.

Insert the Navdesk installer DVD on your computer DVD drive. Start > All programs > Navman > Navdesk for installing the software.

If you don’t have the DVD, you can download the online software.

After installing the software, connect your device to the computer using the USB cable. Power on the GPS device after connecting.

Navdesk map update
Follow the process for Navman download of maps

You can download the map for the useful life of the device. Every device has a useful life which depends upon the model number. The useful life of a GPS device is:

  • The date on which the device stops getting the updates.
  • It no longer receives the map data from a third-party supplier.
  • It entitles you to receive four map updates annually.
  • Updates are non-transferrable to other products.

Connect the device to the computer with the USB cable. If it has in-built WiFi, connect it to a secure network.

Run the NavDesk software on your computer.

You will get the list of updates available.

You don’t need to run any software with the WiFi model. It will show you the updates available for your device.

Click on the update which you want to install.