Lowrance GPS Map Updates

Lowrance’s primary objective is to help you take to the best fishing spots. We are an industry pioneer in marine GPS solutions. We invented the first sonar for non-professional anglers 60 years ago. We have come a long way, now we provide you with the most advanced underwater imaging, sonar, marine GPS and much more.

Our database has the largest charts of over 3,000 rivers and lakes in the USA. We guide fisher-men to the best fishing spots with our high-resolution, detailed map.

When you buy a marine GPS device, it comes with the latest charts, fishing spots, restrictions and regulations. With time the charts become outdated, the spots which were once fish-rich now have few left. This happens because of the rapid change in the river stream, water level, weather, etc.

To help all anglers, we release new maps/charts every 3 months. Update your map for getting the best out of your marine GPS device.

Lowrance GPS Map Updates
Lowrance updates 2021

Lowrance updates 2021

The latest Lowrance updates of 2021 are available for download now. Download the latest updates for finding the best fishing spots. With this update, you also get ghost trolling motor support, including comprehensive steering control from the marine device.

You also get an advanced layout option for configurable buttons. Other new exciting improvements include:

Mobile App Sync:

Easily sync the marine GPS with the mobile app with one touch and get detailed information about location, charts and much more.

Mercury feature updates:

New updates with best fishing zones available with mercury update.

Engine data updates:

Never miss out on any issue with the engine.

Lowrance software update

Get the latest Lowrance software update and Live on-screen mapping with the new software upgrade. This brings new Genesis mapping technology to HDS carbon, Elite Fish-finder, HDS Gen3. You also get smartphone notifications for Carbon, Elite Ti, and Gen 3.

Get updates about your preferred fishing spots. Our digital technology provides high-definition precise maps. It makes it easy to find fish hiding spots, drop-off points, ditches, etc. It saves the map on an external microSD card.

Get smartphone notifications with the latest software update. Enjoy uninterrupted fishing without missing important notification. You can turn on or off the notifications with a single touch.

Lowrance software update

Lowrance Carbon Update 2021

We have made the following improvements with the software updates. Get full control of the Lowrance Ghost trolling on the compatible device displays. It provides you with full steering control from the device display for Ghost trolling motor. You can also configure device buttons fully. Download the latest software version. Check out the mobile app for update and connectivity instructions.

Lowrance Carbon Update 2021
Ghost Control

It uses the left sidebar for all the controls.

  • Anchor
  • At the current location
  • Waypoint
  • A cursor
Heading lock
  • With heading change
  • Speed Control
  • Navigation routes control

Lowrance 20.0 update

Lowrance 20.0 update allows the Ghost foot pedal configuration. Additional features are also added for use with the mobile app.

  • You can download the latest mobile app from Google play store and App store according to the phone’s OS.
  • Use the mobile app for registering the GPS display with the server.
  • Get customer support help with the mobile app.
  • Get software update notification.
  • Easily manage waypoints.

Engine data updates
  • Data logs for engine use
  • Engine use data can be logged now.
  • Enable or disable upon display startup.
  • Sirius Weather & audio receiver support
  • Get support for HDS live & HDS carbon with a WM4 weather update. View live weather updates on your device screen and control of Sirius radio channels. WM4 receiver is not yet compatible with Elite Ti2.
Lowrance Update 19.1

Lowrance Update 19.1

New Lowrance update is coming with HDS Gen3 & HDS Gen 2 multifunction touch displays. With the software updates, RTM 3.0 and RTM 5.0 enable structure scan and enhanced capabilities. You also get SonicHub2 and WM3 weather modules.

The updates add StructureScan 3D when it is used with the new module & transducer. It allows you to see fish, bottom contours and structure in a lifelike 3D view. StructureScan 3D gives imaging of underwater terrain & fish-holding spots in high-resolution.

HDS Gen3 device users will get an extended side-scan & clarity range up to 600 feet, each side of the boat.

Lowrance 18.3 update

Download the new Lowrance 18.3 update for carbon, Gen3 & Elite Ti device units. Additional features include

Genesis Live mapping

Update the mapping of all your favourite fishing spots and unmapped areas in real-time with Genesis Live mapping. See fishing hide-outs, points, ditches and much more. It saves the maps to an external MicroSD card for continuous use.

Smartphone notifications

Get all your important notifications like missed calls, important texts on your device screen with the latest updates. One-touch notification turnoff for uninterrupted fishing.

Evinrude Engine Integration

It provides the same level of engine integration as the HDS displays. You get the HDS feature to all Gen3 displays.

Yamaha Integration (Phase 2)

New software for high-performance sonar modules, including Structure Scan and Sonar Hub.

Fusion Ethernet Support

Fast update with the fusion Ethernet support. Easy tap and connect feature.

Lowrance 18.2 update issues

The Lowrance issues have been resolved with the new update.

Some issues which were happening because of bugs in the software:

  • Problem pairing with an iPhone
  • Not showing messages & incoming calls, sometimes
  • Unable to use music via Bluetooth

Additional features have been added to provide a better fishing experience.

Genesis Live

It now creates better real-time maps from Sonar data. The device creates an overlay of contours on live depth soundings. Ahead of the boat feature helps in anticipating future depth readings. It is easy to use and free of cost. You require an SD card and activate Genesis Live.


Show as much or little by adjusting transparency.

Contour Intervals

Adjust the density of the contours for the area in which you’re fishing.

Custom depth shading

Highlight high-water or low-water conditions for fishing spots. It helps in better showing potential hazards.

If you’re finding it difficult to update the unit, contact our customer executives for help.

Lowrance Gen 2 Update

Lowrance Gen2 touch software upgrade version 6.0 is out for download now.

It is available for all HDS Gen2 worldwide touch displays. The upgrade now includes support for Mercury vessel view link, Navionics, C-Map easy routing. We have also improved the performance by adding many additional features. The features help to provide you with better fishing experience.

Important Features

Mercury VesselView Link

See all the Mercury Smartcraft engine information in one place on your Lowrance multifunction device display. The link interface integrates engine data with HDS Gen3 displays. It provides instant access to Speed, RPM, fuel remaining, trim tab data, battery voltage. You also get Mercury Smart modes, like Smart Tow, Eco, Troll Control & cruise control. It puts all the important data at your fingertips.

Lowrance Gen 2 Update
Lowrance Software Updates HDS Gen 3 upgrade

Lowrance Software Updates HDS Gen 3 upgrade

We have released a new software update for HDS Gen 3 devices. The additional features provide you with new handy features. It is making the device more intuitive and useful than before.

New FishReveal feature helps you in seeing sonar & DownScan on the same screen. You need not use the split-screen. It does this by increasing the Sonar returns and fine-tuning the weaker signals. Thus, giving a detailed view of the Fish below.

With changes to the CMAP navigation colour palette, the charts have become easier to read. All the information which you require is easily accessible.

You will also get other useful features like EasyRouting and High contrast scan without sacrificing the device range.

Lowrance Hook 7 software update

Download the latest Lowrance Hook-7 software update for easily uploading and downloading of waypoints, tracks and routes to your computer. Update the data on the external SD card, use it whenever you like.

Easily transfer new waypoints, tracks and routes:

Transfer the data back and forth between the device and computer with a single click now. Upload routes, tracks, waypoints to your device and also print a map to take with you on the boat.

Maximizing GPS memory:

Every device has limited memory available for routes, waypoints and tracks. Before each adventure backup your data with the new updates. Keep the device memory free for your next trip.

Having trouble with new updates, contact us.

Lowrance Hook 7 software update
Lowrance LMS 522c software update
Lowrance LMS 522c software update

Download the latest Lowrance LMS 522c software update for easily backing up device tracks, routes and waypoints. Backup helps in saving your data on the computer. Free up space on your device by clearing up the memory for your next adventure with a single click.

View your GPS data over topo maps, scanned trail maps, aerial photos in great detail with updates. If you are not sure about the software version, check on our website. The updates will help the device to perform better by introducing a new function.

Find out the software version running on your device by going to the software information command.

  • Click menu, then go to highlight system setup and press enter.
  • Select software information and click enter.
  • You will get the software information on the screen.
  • Click Exit for returning to the map display.

After checking the information, update the device if you have an outdated software version.

If you’re having any trouble, contact our experts.

Lowrance LCX 27c software update

New Lowrance LCX 27c software version 2.4.2 is available for download now. The latest updates have cleared up issues of flashing digital depth reading. It also solved the sonar chart stopping and scrolling. It was happening mostly in shallow-water with thick weeds. Now, you get clear signals in all territories.

To download this update

  • Click the Update button on the website.
  • Follow the instructions and click on all the positive buttons.
  • Keep the device in shallow water mode when you are running in the water below 60 feet.
Enable shallow mode

Press the “Menu” button, open the sonar menu & select features and help. Go on the drop-down menu, select Shallow water.

If you have any trouble regarding the update, contact us.

Lowrance LCX 27c software update