Lowrance Elite Software

Lowrance Elite Ti software update

We are going to show you how to check for the software update on your Lowrance Elite Ti unit. You can also use it to get the updates if it is not up-to-date. Press the settings button on top and then scroll down the bottom to see the current software version. If you do not have the latest version, it will give you a notification about the availability of a new version.

It has a built-in WiFi, you can download the updates and put it on the laptop, GPS device or the external SD card. Connect the unit to the secure network connection and put the micro SD card in the slot. Type in the password and connect. Click on the download button, get the desired updates.

Lowrance Elite Ti software update
Lowrance Elite 7 HDI Software Update

Lowrance Elite 7 HDI Software Update

Download Elite 7 updates with GPS rollover patch. The GPS rollover event occurs every 20 years because of the time and date used by GPS. It is based on the counting of weeks and seconds in a week. The counter rolls back to week zero when it reaches 1024 weeks. If we build a GPS without taking it in the picture, it can give incorrect time and date. It also results in the loss of position information. We confirm that all our latest devices are compatible with GPS rollovers. Old devices may require a software update.

Update instructions
  • Download the latest file.
  • Copy the file to a blank SD card.
  • Power off the unit and insert the SD card.
  • Turn on the display.
  • Remove the SD card after the update.
  • Press the power key for some time for device restart.

Lowrance elite 9 Ti software update

Lowrance Elite 9 Ti software update is now available. It is now easy to find more fish faster. See the bottom structure in more detail & even simple navigation when upgrading to compatible displays. The new software updates bring this compatibility to even more displays.

You get our all-new award-winning FishReveal. It is a smart target viewing feature. You get new sonar features for different devices like Elite Ti. HDS Carbon also gets a huge enhancement for every frequency imaging. Scanning sonar plugged into the device like StructureScan HD/3D creates better images.

You also get an enhancement in automatic navigation feature & map readability with the help of C-MAP Routing & Navionics.

Get the upgrade for a better fishing experience. If you cannot upgrade the software, contact us on our helpline number.

Lowrance elite 9 Ti software update
Lowrance Elite 5 DSI software update

Lowrance Elite 5 DSI software update is available for download now. It is coming with the latest GPS rollover patch. We confirm that all latest devices are compatible with the GPS rollover.

Update steps
  • First, download the file on your computer
  • Copy it to a blank SD card
  • Power off the device
  • Insert the SD card in the designated slot
  • Power on the display
  • Follow the steps if the process does not start automatically
  • Press the menu button twice
  • Browse files by scrolling down
  • Choose the SD card
  • Select the update
  • Click enter
  • Remove the SD card after the update
  • The device will shut down
  • Press the power key again for restarting
How to update Lowrance HDS Live

Updating your GPS device is a great way to get the best out of your marine unit. Updates help provide you with great uninterrupted fishing experience. You can contact our customer helpline for an update.

Making sure that you have the latest software:

One of the major reasons to have updated software is to have the latest features. We add extra features with the updates for giving the best fishing experience. We also remove some issues if found on the old software.

How to update Lowrance HDS Live

Create a NIF file and send it to our customer service. It provides us with all the information regarding your device and the boat.

For finding out the software version go to the Pages > Settings > About.

You can see the version. If it is not-up-to-date then it will show a notification about a new available version.

Update your version by clicking on the update button. Follow the on-screen instructions.

For creating the NIF file go to support > create a support file. Fill in the required information like email address, country. You can also add screenshots to the file.

Hit the save button. You can save it to the external SD card.

If you are connected to a WiFi network, send the data to customer care.

The updates will be sent to your email address.